Lithium ion battery folding machine

This equipment mainly folds and forms lithium pouch battery.Parameter ListNamespecificationAdapt to product specifications≤280*200*8MMRate of qualified products≥99.5%Cell’s thickness4-6mmcapacity3-5PPMEquipment parameter listNamespecificationDevice dimension500×400×400MMweight40KGE

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This equipment mainly folds and forms lithium pouch battery.

 Parameter List

Adapt to product specifications≤280*200*8MM
Rate of qualified products≥99.5%
Cell’s thickness4-6mm

Equipment parameter list

Device dimension500×400×400MM
Equipment operation failure rate≤2%/ year
Equipment utilization≥98%
Knife length300mm

List of consumption and configuration conditions

Power supplyAC220V  50HZ
Input air source0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
Relative humidity20~90%RH
Air source pipe diameterΦ8MM
Ambient temperature10~40℃

Equipment characteristics
1) The device uses a folding knife to fold the edge of the battery and adjust it to the corresponding width. Cylinder-driven hemming forming.
2) The folding width can be adjusted according to the needs of the battery.
3) The air pressure and speed can be adjusted according to the process requirements.
4) Adopting pedal operation switch, which is reliable, convenient and fast. Use thin cylinders.
5) The frame is assembled with profiles and white sealing plates of the roasting computer. The structure of the equipment is simple, compact and beautiful in appearance.
6) The folding width is adjustable, and the margin width range: 1mm---4mm
7) The upper and lower folding knives can be detached for grinding;
8) The guide posts on both sides of the folding knife are well lubricated, using ball sliding sleeves;
9) Folding time is adjustable from 0s-60s

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