Pre-sealing machine(Split type)

This equipment is mainly suitable for the vacuum-pumping and hot-pressing packaging of flexible packaging (medium and small size) lithium battery after the liquid injection;Parameter:Power supply: 220V/50HZPowder: 1.1KW2. Compressed air source: ≥0.6-0.8MPa3.The v

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This equipment is mainly suitable for the vacuum-pumping and hot-pressing packaging of flexible packaging (medium and small size) lithium battery after the liquid injection;
Power supply: 220V/50HZ   Powder: 1.1KW
 2. Compressed air source: ≥0.6-0.8MPa
 3.The vacuum source: ≤-95MPa
 4. Length: 80-180mm(Include tab), width: 50-160mm(Include Gas bag, gas bag≤40-100mm, thickness: 3-20mm,
 5. Maximum edge sealing size: 200mm
 6. Edge width: 5-8mm(Can be customized)
 7. Sealing thickness: 0.15-0.3mm
 8. Sealing time: 0-99S adjustable
 9. The sealing head temperature: room temperature to 260℃ adjustable, Can set compensation, control progress±5℃
 10. Sealing head life :≥500,000 times
 11. Equipment weight: approximately 0.1 T
List of equipment parameters:

Equipment dimensions600L×470W×480H MMEquipment rate≥95%
Electricity box size380*230*410   MMProduct percent of pass≥99.5%
Weight100KGMaximum temperature260 ℃( adjustable )
Equipment failure rate≤2%/yearVacuum≤-0.095MPa
Sealing head parallelism±0.015mm

Schedule of Consumption and Configuration Condition:

Input powerAC220V  50HZGas source tube diameterΦ8MM
Input air source0.6Mpa-0.8MpaRelative humidity20~90%RH
Inner diameter of vacuum tubeΦ25MMAmbient temperature10~40℃

Equipment characteristics
1.This machine adopts the split type design of the main machine and control box, the machine can be used for working in the glove box and can also be placed on the assembly line to work;
2. It can be applied to product batteries of different specifications, and the adjustment is simple and convenient, only need to adjust the speed (or replace) the clamp and adjust (or replace) the relevant sealing head;
3. The upper and lower sealing heads are driven by cylinders and guided by two linear guide sleeves. The upper and lower movement is flexible and the guidance is accurate to ensure the parallelism of the product after sealing.
4. The sealing head is made of copper material with good heat transfer effect, saving electricity consumption, improving work efficiency.
5. The main parts are made of aluminum oxidation treatment, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant;
6. The pressure of the upper and lower head can be adjusted by the pressure regulating valve to meet the requirements of different process parameters;
7. The temperature of the upper and lower sealing heads can be adjusted and set by the buttons on the thermostat panel, and the current value and set value of the temperature can be displayed on its LCD display, which is intuitive and easy to operate;
8. With temperature abnormal alarm function, the machine will only run when the temperature is right to ensure the product sealing quality requirements;
9. The sealing temperature and sealing time can be preset;
10. The machine frame is made of profile sheet metal;
11. This machine adopts programmable controller PLC real automatic control, easy to operate

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