Centrifugal Stirring Defoaming Slurry Mixer

Technical parameters of Centrifugal stirring defoaming slurry mixerModel :GN- T600A - 1.8L1.Product IntroductionThis machine main function is stirring the material and material evenly and removing the air bubbles in the material at the same time.The principle of stirring an

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Technical parameters of Centrifugal stirring defoaming slurry mixer


Model : GN- T600A - 1.8L

1. Product Introduction:


This machine main function is stirring the material and material evenly and removing the air bubbles in the material at the same time.


The principle of stirring and defoaming: the centrifugal force is generated by the way of rotation and revolution, the materials in the container do planetary high-speed relative motion, and fully stirred and mixed very fine and uniform; at the same time stirring, the vacuum pump in the tank to generate a vacuum environment, the air bubbles in the material will be sucked out; centrifugal force and vacuum double effect together, bubbles removing faster and cleaner.

Depending on the viscosity of the material and the processing volume, the time required for each stirring and defoaming process generally varies from a few seconds to minutes.

离心脱泡机 水印3.jpg离心脱泡机 水印4.jpg

This machine can be equipped with different fixtures according to different containers / products (the containers can be customized), and the mixing volume can range from 1,000 to 20,000 grams, which is suitable for all requirements from experiments to mass production.

2. Features and application fields:

3.1. The planetary vacuum defoaming mixer is simple in operation, convenient in maintenance and low in after-sales cost.


3.2. Beautiful: unique appearance design, the body material is 3mm steel plate baking varnish (stainless steel can be selected), and the compartment door is 20mm transparent acrylic plate, which is beautiful, generous, stable and durable.


3.3. Safety: the machine compartment door is equipped with a safety mechanical lock, which automatically locks when the machine is running and cannot be opened. It can only be opened when the machine is stopped; If the mechanical lock is not locked, the machine cannot operate to protect the safety of operators; The agitating defoaming bin body is made of 8mm aviation aluminum alloy pressed and hardened. It is explosion-proof, high-pressure resistant, light in weight, rust free, dust free and corrosion-resistant. It can be used for decades.

3.4 Application: silver paste, epoxy resin, solder paste, silica gel, adhesive, conductive adhesive, ink, LCD, phosphor, LED packaging, medicine, lithium battery anode and cathode materials, polymer materials and all materials that need to be stirred and mixed to remove bubbles.

3. Main configuration:

(The key parts are imported configuration and domestic big brand to ensure the long and smooth operation of the machine)

Haibao servo motor: 750W, 2800 rpm,

Taiwan Shihlin frequency converter,

PLC: Taiwan Delta,

Germany Busch vacuum pump: 750W

NSK bearing imported from Japan,

Other switch electronic components: TECO and other domestic famous brands;

Gear: imported wear-resistant and heat-resistant nylon gear, less noise and more durable

4. Technical parameters:

NameCentrifugal stirring defoaming slurry mixer
Mixing Method:Revolution / Rotation / Vacuum , Non-contact mixing method  / Negative Vacuum  method
PLC control :Man-machine dialogue, Chinese interface, touch screen operation, can edit and store more than 5 groups of programs
Run program:Each group of program controlled in 5 stages: running time, working speed, vacuum time, etc.
Revolution speed0-1500prm, stepless speed regulation, arbitrary input according to the actual needs of users, accuracy 1rpm (speed can be selected: low rotation speed: about 0-1400 rpm, high rotation speed: 0-2800 RPM)
Rotational speed0-1500prm, revolution /rotation is a  1:1 (fixed ratio), which is not adjustable. (if other speed ratios or revolution rotation are required, need to be customized.)
Vacuum negative pressure-100KPA (absolute vacuum) = - 0.999MPa (relative vacuum) = 0.1mbar. (vacuum can be customized if necessary)
Vacuum pumping capacity21m³/h
Continuous rotation time30min  (can follow the arbitrary timing 0-9999 hours, accuracy is 1S)
Max. stirring capacity900ml /Tank * 2  = 1800ml (can be customized.)
Max. QTY of Tank2 tanks  (can be customized if more tanks ), left and right balanced double stirring chambers, 45 degree bevel
Precision QualityDuring the 12-hour operation of the equipment, the glue flow is uniform, no glue layering, no bubbles leading to abnormalities, no pollution, no damage to material properties
HeatingNo (heating is required can be customized)
RefrigerationNo (need refrigeration can be customized)
Power supply220V80V (optional) 50-60HZ
PowerRunning power 2.95KW, standby power: 50W.
SizeL 850* W850* H1050 MM,Weight 180KG
Safety door lockEmergency stop switch, explosion-proof ≥ DIIBT4.
Auxiliary functionsthree-color operation indicator, self-balancing level, emergency buzzer alarm.

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