American Aluminum Shell Battery Experiment Line

In April 2022, we received a request for a device customization solution from a US customer for  their prismatic cell experimental line.

According to the customer's equipment needs, combine our rich experience in lithium ion battery manufacturing equipment , battery research and development, we completed the goal from the drawings to the physical equipment molding together with the customer, and the equipment was delivered to the customer's factory in advance by the end of August.

The program includes a series of related equipment and materials, such as vacuum three-layer oven, automatic calendaring machine, automatic die cutting machine, automatic stacking machine, dehumidification unit, etc., We completed the perfect test machine and assist customers to produce satisfactory sample batteries.

In this project service, our professional technology, meticulous service, won the customer's high praise and trust.

GELON remains committed to one mission: to help our customers advance lithium-ion battery manufacturing technology and simplify lithium-ion battery solutions.


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