The projects in Bolivia

  This project is the first national project supported by the Bolivian government. The client hired a local procurement agency and a project consultant to communicate with three companies in Germany, Italy, and China. GELON is that Chinese company. From the beginning to discuss the domestic and foreign battery industry market, as well as the Bolivian government’s willingness to enter the new energy industry and their long-term vision (from the initial product pilot production line extended to Bolivia’s local lithium salt purification, lithium ion cathode Material preparation, etc.), customers have a basic understanding of the current development of lithium batteries, and we also understand the customer’s demand background and intentions for the entire lithium battery production line;

  In October 2010, the purchasing agent company sent representatives to the GELON factory for preliminary exchanges and inspections, and determined that GELON could become their intended cooperation factory. In the same month, the customer’s plan was upgraded from a laboratory scale to a pilot line with a daily production of 1,000 soft-pack mobile phone batteries. Demand, while increasing the production of aluminum case single cell 10 Ah and cell phone battery packaging and 10 Ah aluminum case packaging for electric bicycles

  In November 2011, the project consultant Mr Ivan came to the GELON battery factory for a month to further demonstrate the feasibility of the production line design with us on site, and to understand and learn the process and quality of battery production on our battery production line. Taking control of the point, our engineers will answer Ivan’s questions on site and provide the most detailed technical support and consulting services

  A turnkey project procurement contract was officially signed in February 2012. The contract items include a complete set of soft-pack and coin cell research and development equipment, a complete battery production line (the production of 1,000 mobile phone soft-pack batteries + EV 10 Ah aluminum shell batteries), mobile phone battery packing lines and Electric bicycle packing line and 1-year battery production raw material configuration;

  GELON needs to provide all technical designs for battery production, production line planning drawings, production process instructions, and detailed training on equipment installation, commissioning, operation and daily maintenance

  In July 2013, GELON appointed Mrs Ekain (project leader), Mr Ocean (technical engineer), and Mr Leaf (equipment engineer) to the Potosi workshop to implement the workshop decoration and pipeline installation work, and put forward suggestions for improvement for the customer to carry out the final repair. In September 2013, the customer appointed two factory technicians (Ms Juana, Mr Victor) to the GELON domestic battery factory for a one-month battery production training. In December 2013, GELON sent 10 personnel to Potosi Bolivia to carry out the entire project: The installation and operation personnel include 1 project chief, 1 business contact person, 2 process engineers, 2 equipment engineers, 2 skilled operation workers, and 2 product quality inspection engineers.

  For 2 months, the GELON team and the customer’s team completed the entire installation, commissioning and trial production of the equipment, and trained the customer’s operators during the trial production. The technical training was divided into two teams ( Equipment maintenance, battery production) Different teams perform tasks according to the project schedule, formulate process instructions and assist the customer’s team to complete 2 batches of battery production;

  The project training is coming to an end. The Bolivian government delegation (including President Mr Evo) participated in the grand opening ceremony. The GELON team completed all the turnkey projects. 8 people returned to China, leaving 2 battery quality engineers to continue to provide further on-site assistance ( A total of 6 months), until the customer fully mastered all operations and testing, the GELON team ended the most critical work;

  In the later period until now, GELON's team still maintains good communication with customers, provides in-depth technical support and consulting services, and is assisting customers in the second phase of the project upgrade plan.


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