Dehumidification Drying System

1.Purification requirements of each sectionDehumidificationareaArea(㎡)Height(m)Volume (㎥)temperature(℃)Dewpoint(℃)PeopleDry room 1602.6515922±2≤-403Dry room 21002.6526522±2≤-403Note: The dry area must be sealed well, no corrosive gas, and no large heating equipment. Personnel need to wear

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1.Purification requirements of each section

Area(㎡)Height(m)Volume (㎥)temperature(℃)Dew
Dry room 1602.6515922±2≤-403
Dry room 21002.6526522±2≤-403

Note: The dry area must be sealed well, no corrosive gas, and no large heating equipment. Personnel need to wear purificatory special protective clothing and set up a buffer room!
2. List of dehumidification and temperature control equipment:
2.1 List of regional equipment specifications

No.Equipment nameSupply air volume m³/hUnit modelQuantityArea used
AHU-1Low Dew Point Rotary dehumidifier6800JD-6800SCH1setDrying room 1
AHU-2Low Dew Point Rotary dehumidifier7900JD-7900SCH1setDrying room 2

3. Air conditioning system selection design calculation table plan:

1. Main equipment selection design calculation table:
No       Area classificationConstant temperature and humidity area (positive area)
0Dehumidifier unit numberAHU-1AHU-2
1Workshop nameDrying room 1Drying room 2
2Area m260100
3Ceiling height m2.652.65
4Volume m3159265
5Temperature and humidity requirementsT=22±2℃  Dew point ≤-40℃
6Purification levelReturn air 100,000 purification
7Personnel (person)33
8Wet loadVentilation system infiltration wet load g150300
9Person wet load g207207
10Total wet load g/h357507
11heat load kwThermal load of drying room enclosure w750015000
12Personnel thermal load w402402
13Total heat load W790215402
14Design Airflow68007900
15Device ModelJD-6800SCHJD-7900SCH
16Designed ventilation36.826.4
17Designed dehumidifying capacity (g/h)545635
18Designed heat removal (W)1400016300
19Supply air temperature and dew point13℃/-65℃13℃/-65℃
20Air volumeCMHFresh air volume CMH12001700
Wheel dehumidifying air volume CMH72008800
Regenerative air volume CMHBefore 400/after 800Before 600/after 900
Return air volume CMH56006200
Air supply volumeCMH68007900
21Dehumidification  RunnerRunner brand, materialSweden Proflute/Japan NICHIAS Silicone Wheel
22Equipment energy consumption KWRegenerative heating power kwbefore 11/after 22Before 16/after 24
Regenerative fan power kwBefore 0.75/after 0.75Before 0.75/after 0.75
Processing fan power kw1111
Wheel drive motor power kwBefore 0.06/after 0.12Before 0.06/after 0.2
Summer power total kw4653
Cold load  kw62.284.6
2. Selection and calculation table of matching refrigeration system
NoEquipment nameAir-cooled module chiller
1Specification(cooling capacity)97.5KW
2Quantity2 sets
3Electric power Kw30.4+3KW(chiller, pump tower)

4. Configuration characteristics:
The low-humidity rotary dehumidification unit consists of the primary filtering section, the fresh air surface cooling section, the front surface cooling section, the rotary dehumidification section, the middle fan section, the mixed air section, the rear stage dehumidifier section, the rear surface cooling section, the blower section, and mid-effect filtering section, regeneration system and control part.

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