OCV test, automatic sorting machine

Technicle parametersType of testerAc internal resistance testerWay of testerfour-line measurementAc current frequency1KHZ±0.1KHZVoltageVoltage: Two selectable rangesDC0~5.000V,resolution1 mV,Accuracy±(0.2%rdg+5dgt).DC5.00v~20.00V, resolution10mV,Accuracy±(0.2%rdg+5dgt)internal r

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Technicle parameters

Type of testerAc internal resistance tester

Way of testerfour-line measurement

Ac current frequency1KHZ±0.1KHZ

VoltageVoltage: Two selectable ranges

DC0~5.000V,resolution 1 mV,Accuracy±(0.2%rdg+5dgt).

DC5.00v~20.00V, resolution 10mV,Accuracy±(0.2%rdg+5dgt)
internal resistanceBattery internal resistance:   Two selectable ranges

Low range: 3mΩ~300.0mΩCurrent 10mA±0.3%rdg+5dgt.

High range: 300mΩ~3000mΩCurent 1mA±0.3%rdg+5dgt.

CalibrationPotentiometer calibration(stand box additional)

Test alarminginternal resistancepass alarmor fail alarm

HolderAir plug,can holder box or testing line



Size(W×D×H)340×380×110 mm

Working temperaturetemperature:20℃±5℃,Humidity≤85%

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