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Auto Slitting Machine GN-S060A-50

Auto Slitting Machine GN-S060A-50


It used to normal lithium ion battery electrode, EV battery electrode and super capacity electrode


1.1 Un-winder type: single shaft center unwindering

1.2 Un-winder chucking type: air cylinder cone dop chucking

1.3 Un-winder roll diameter: Max.φ500mm

1.4 Un-winder weight: Max.300kg

1.5 Un-winder coiling block: standard 3’’ coiling block

1.6 Un-winder EPC precision: ±0.2mm

1.7 Un-winder tension: adjustable digital 0-150N

1.8 Un-winder brake: magnetic powder brake

1.9 Coiled material breadth(slitting material coating Max. width): Max.530mm

1.10 Runing speed: 0-50m/min(continuous adjustable)

1.11 Slitting electrode thickness:50-300micron

1.12 Slitting width precision: ±0.05mm,Min slitting width:35mm

1.13 Electrode burr: exceed coating surface ≦15micron,

1.14 Slitting electrode width 58mm,

1.15 Dust collection device: equipped with up and down cutter dust collection before slitting,the dusting flour be brushed after slitting and dust be divided

1.16 Re-winder diameter: maxφ450mm

1.17 Re-winder motor: variable frequency motor

1.18 Re-winder scroll diameter: standard 3`` reel,re-winder precision ±0.2mm

1.19 Dimention: (L×W×H)2650mm×1900mm×2000mm  

1.20 Weight:3.5T