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Artificial graphite powder

Artificial graphite powder

The product adopts unique powder modification, mechanical fusion process production, and is equipped with advanced engineering equipment to purify, crush, spheroidize, carbonized surface modification and other treatments of artificial graphite joint electrode coke, resulting in high cost performance and processing performance. Stable artificial graphite anode material


Artificial graphite, small particles, high capacity, low swelling, high first batch efficiency, good processing ability, long life
The advantages of good cycle performance and high stability.
Capacity ≥340mAh/ g
Magnification ≥93%
Particle size D50 (9um-26um)
Uses: Suitable for various lithium-ion batteries in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, power tools, energy storage, consumer electronics and other fields.
Main models: AGP-2, S360, MCMB (G10, G15, G20, G25)