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Laser welding machine

Laser welding machine

Structure of Laser Welding Machine
Laser welding machine consists of fiber laser, optical transmission focusing system, laser control system, special laser welding platform and laser special refrigeration system. The main components are described below:
Fibre laser:
 It adopts continuously modifiable 1000 W fiber laser, fiber core diameter 50µm, length 15 meters, energy conversion efficiency 30%, maintenance-free. good beam quality can achieve strong welding depth. the modifiable pulse width realizes flexible processing.
 Feature Name Test condition Minimum value Typical value Maximum Unit
Control model    Continuous/modulated  
Polarization   Random  
Output rating Output power :1000W 1000 W
Laser wave length   1070 1080 1090 nm
Spectral bandwidth     3 4 nm
Laser opening time     50 80 µs
Laser shutdown time     30 50  
Modulating frequency     20 50 KHz
Red indicates optical power   0.15     mW
Electricity consumption Laser power :1000W     4 KW
Scanning Control System of Vibrator
 The equipment adopts the laser-specific embedded scanning vibrating mirror control system. It basically eliminates the problems of poisoning crash which used computer industrial control as the platform in the past, and greatly reduces the failure rate in this respect. Friendly man-machine interface, can edit the relevant track on the office computer, with U disk directly into the system. On the machine system operating interface, it can carry on the position adjustment and so on simple correction operation.

Laser-specific refrigeration system
 It adopts independent double temperature double control special laser cooling system, the precise temperature control of the laser during processing is realized.
Nominal refrigerating capacity:3600W    Pump lift:20-35m  Temperature Control Accuracy of Frozen Water:±0.5℃

Motion control system and worktable system (compatible with battery welding by replacing fixed modules)
 Worktable and control system is to make the workpiece get accurate positioning and movement, to ensure the welding position and welding track of the parts. The rotation accuracy of the worktable reaches 0.02 mm. Working table vibration mirror control system can make the need for welding graphics on the software. The software control vibration mirror let the laser achieve the welding point on the product according to the software graphics. The welding efficiency is more than ten times faster than the traditional control system. Turntable table: equipped with 30 station large turntable welding fixture, automatic angle pressing system, welding qualified rate is high.