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Cylinder cell grooving machine

Cylinder cell grooving machine

This machine is used for grooving cylindrical battery cases. 

Equipment function:
Specs: ¢14~ ¢32mm, Length<100mm Automatic feeding, automatic stripping
Power: AC380V 0.65kw  Air source:0.6~0.7MP
Size:L*W*H 800*550*900

1) Feeding mechanism: put the battery onto the battery clamp and fix it;
2)Battery clamp: fix the battery, drive the battery to rotate, and compensate the steel shell tension in the rolling groove;
3)Rotating mechanism: four stations drive the battery fixture to rotate 360 ° and drive the battery to rotate through the gear mechanism, and drive the grooving cutter to feed into the groove through the cam mechanism;
4)Hob mechanism: extruding and stretching on the steel shell through the circular shape of the hob, and rolling out the groove on the steel shell.
5)Cutting mechanism: the grooved battery will flow into the next process automatically through the flowing wire.
6)The module needs to replace the upper mandrel, upper mandrel sleeve and grooving cutter according to the battery model (18650 / 26650).
7)The tool carrier up and down block and feed adjustment micrometer can be adjusted according to the battery height and groove depth.
8)When changing the model, the coaxiality of the upper mandrel sleeve and the rotating shaft sleeve should be ensured during the assembly process, and the upper mandrel can move freely up and down in the upper mandrel sleeve.