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Protection board detector

Protection board detector

1.Application Scope:
Protective plate type: 1-24 series protective plate,could test balanced function,with several testing molds,Chinese and English exchange operation interface

2.Application Environment:
B.Operating Altitude:Under 2km elevation
C.Relative humidity:40-80% humidity

3.Technique Data
  Measuring range Resolution Accuracy
Over charging protection 2-5V 1mV ±(Result×0.1%+3 words)
Over charging recover 2-5V 1mV ±(Result×0.1%+3 words)
Over discharging protection 2-5V 1mV ±(Result×0.1%+3 words)
Over discharging recover 2-5V 1mV ±(Result×0.1%+3 words)
Self-consuming test 0.1uA-1A,six grade 0.1uA ±(Result×0.1%+5 words)
Internal resistance 0-400mΩ 0.1mΩ ±(Result×0.5%+3 words)
Over current 3-300A 0.1A ±(Result×0.5%+10 words)
Over current delay 0-500mS 1mS ±1mS
Over charging delay 0-5000mS 1mS ±1mS
Over discharging delay 0-5000mS 1mS ±1mS
Short circuit delay 0-100mS 0.1mS ±1mS
Balanced voltage 0-5V 1mV ±(Result×0.1%+3 words)
Balanced current 0-300mA 0.1mA ±(Result×0.5%+10 words)
Balanced delay 0-5000mS 1mS ±1mS
Short circuit current 300A    
Test speed According to the exact series and delay of the protective plate