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Prismatic cell case

Prismatic cell case

The prismatic cell case is a protective shell for power batteries, which has anti-explosion, anti-aging, flame-retardant properties.

Advantages of square aluminum shell:
1. It has the advantages of high energy density and low integration difficulty
2. The square packaging process helps to reduce the gap between the cells and make the overall size more compact.
3. Lighter and lower cost,
4. The structure of the square shell can hold more electrolyte, the expansion stress of the cell pole pieces is lower, and the battery life is more than 2 times longer than that of the cylindrical shape

The square aluminum shell is generally composed of two parts: the shell and the cover
The model of a square aluminum shell battery is generally named by the size of the battery: width * length * height. . The capacity of the battery cell that the square aluminum shell can carry depends on the volume of the shell, process design and material selection, etc. (for example, the figure below)