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Vacuum Drying Oven

Vacuum Drying Oven

 This vacuum drying oven is specially designed for new products for baking battery pole pieces. The vacuum chamber is cylindrical, which is convenient for loading the entire roll of battery pole pieces and baking under vacuum. The 4 vacuum chambers control heating separately and work independently. At the same time, the vacuum system adopts a digital display vacuum gauge to automatically control the upper and lower limits of the vacuum degree. Both the outside of the vacuum chamber and the central axis are equipped with heating devices, and are respectively equipped with high-precision temperature controllers to control the temperature. A circular observation window is set in the middle of the round door of the vacuum chamber.


Temperature control range (℃)

Temperature fluctuation (℃)

Heating power (KW)

Voltage (V)

Vacuum (Pa)

Air leakage (kPa/h)

Studio dimensions















technical parameter:

1. Support shaft size: Ø60×700MM l

2. Shell material: high quality cold rolled steel plate SS41# 1.2mmT; l

3. Studio material: stainless steel SUS304 6.0mmT; l

4. Support bearing weight: less than 200KG

5. Thermal insulation material: high-quality aluminum silicate fiber thermal insulation cotton, effectively preventing heat loss l

6. Insulation thickness: 90mm l

7. Sealing method: compact, temperature-resistant silicone rubber integral sealing strip l

8. Door opening method: single door opening (with window); l

9. Heating device: Nilu wire; l

10. Heating method: surrounding and center rod heating l

11. Air extraction interface: back