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Three Layer Vacuum Oven with PLC

Three Layer Vacuum Oven with PLC

 This series of vacuum drying oven is specially designed for the production process of lithium battery industry. The temperature range, the degree of vacuum, and the size of the working room and the height of the interlayer all meet the needs of the lithium battery industry to the greatest extent. There are three chambers in total, each of which is independently controlled, with independent temperature control and no interference with each other.

Main technical parameters

1. Box structure

*Dimensions: about H1840× W1450× D800mm

l* Liner size: 300mm high* 800mm wide * 600mm deep × 3;

 *Shell material: high quality cold rolled steel plate SS41# 1.2mmT;

l * Studio material: stainless steel SUS304 3.0mmT;

l *Insulation material: high-quality aluminum silicate fiber insulation cotton to effectively prevent heat loss

l*Insulation thickness: 90mm

l *Sealing method: tight type, temperature-resistant silicone rubber integral sealing strip

l *Door opening method: single door opening (without window), aluminum plate installed on the door with auxiliary heating, with over-voltage protection;

l*Layering: divided into 2 layers, stainless steel mesh;

l*Heating device: Niluo alloy wire;

l*Heating method: external heating

l*Air extraction interface, nitrogen filling pipeline: inside the right control cabinet

2. Main technical indicators

l*Temperature range: room temperature +15℃~200℃

l *Heating rate: room temperature to 100 ℃ ≤ 60 minutes (empty planting state, the instrument reaches the set temperature time)

l*Temperature stabilization time: ≤100 minutes (empty planting state)

l*Temperature control accuracy: ±1℃

l*Temperature uniformity: ≤±4℃ at 100℃ (empty planting state);


l* Holding pressure: ≤0.095Mba(24h), that is, ≤5% vacuum leakage in 24 hours;

l *Air leakage: first hour ≤500PA, ≤5KPA/24 hours

l*Temperature rise of the cabinet surface: the surface temperature is not greater than room temperature plus 25℃

l*Power supply: 380V/50HZ (three-phase);

l*Heating power: (4.5+1)KW×3

l*Control mode: PID adjustment SSR control

l*Temperature controller: temperature control module / P.I.D automatic calculation