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Three Layer Vacuum Oven without PLC

Three Layer Vacuum Oven without PLC


This oven is mainly used with square vacuum chamber, can make full use of space. Pumping speed fast and efficient, high vacuum, easy to operate. Toughened bulletproof double glass observation window clearly the object of the working chamber. The tightness of the box can be adjusted, the overall shape of the silicon rubber gasket to ensure a high vacuum chamber. This product is suitable for the production process of electronic products off the bubble, dehydration, hardening and drying after cleaning treatment under vacuum heat treatment, the LED optical original lithium battery, and battery electrode,and so on, has a high reputation in the electric industry field.


Technical parameter




Workroom size

height:300mm  width: 800mm   depth: 600mm*3 layers


Outline size

height:1850mm  width:1420 mm  depth: 890mm


Working temperature

room temperature :+15℃~200℃


The speed of rising temperature

not more than 120 minutes when rising to the max.temperature


heating power



electrical supply

Three- phases380V


outside material

Cold-rolled plate,spay platics


working room material

SUS304 stainless steel plate

three studios to work independently, independent heating, three sets of temperature control system, can work alone, can also work at the same time.Manual control vacuum switch, vacuum- sealed well when the power cut. The vacuum chamber can be individually, separately add nitrogen, without disturbing each other.




layer floor

2 layer mesh partition / layer

exhaust connection


Open method

 Single-door, flexible double steel glass, with overpressure protection function

sealing ring

silicone rubber ring with high temperature resistance, no connector

temperature instrumentation

digital temperature controller

Temperature control mode

PID regulator

Temperature accuracy


Temperature uniformity


Temperature Sensor


Timing Control

10 -hour timer, the alarm buzzer