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High Vacuum drying oven

High Vacuum drying oven

 This equipment is suitable for drying of lithium ion battery electrode, battery core and battery to be injected.


Product characteristics

1. High vacuum design: use pressure vessel standard welding process to make inner cavity, high vacuum retention, long durable life, no deformation;

2. Stable temperature uniformity

3. Reasonable space design: can design the inner cavity size according to the customer’s battery size, improving the space utilization efficiency.

4. Accurate temperature control: temperature control using silicon control SSR+PID mode, small thermal inertia, good temperature control effect

5. Sixfold safety protection

6. Heating mode: use hot air in the cavity internal and external circulation, so that the furnace cavity internal and external temperature maintain the same,  and then through heat radiation, heat conduction, so as to ensure the temperature uniformity of the cavity. When cooling off the heating tube, through the air circulation take away the heat inside, cooling rate accelerated.

7. Automated program control: PLC program control


Specification parameters:

1. Inner cavity size:330mm H×830mm W×1200mm D X 3 (Customizable acoording to customer’s requirements)

2. Dimensions: 1800mm H X 1500mm W X 2000mm D

3. Material: A3 cold rolled steel plate, baking paint treatment, color is white clip red

4. Inner cavity material :304#SS industrial drawing boards, thickness :4.0 mm

5. Open door: single door;

6. Sealing ring: silicone rubber O type sealing ring, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance;

7. Control mode: PLC automatic control mode

8. Power supply :380 V/50Hz ,3 phase 5 wire    

9. Total power :12 KW( No Vacuum System)

10. Vacuum system: KW

11. Equipment Weight: About 1600 kg