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 Slurry iron removal filter

Slurry iron removal filter

 Functional overview


 Iron removal filter feeding system, suitable for uniform delivery of battery slurry to coating head according to predetermined flow rate. The system is from the mixer suction slurry to expect the transfer barrel, and then from the transfer barrel according to each coating head level requirements separate feed.


Basic parameters

1.  Compressed air:    ≥0.6 MPa    3L/min  User-owned

2.  Weight of equipment:    About 0.15t

3.  Dimensions:    L x W x H : 800mm*500mm*1000mm

4.  Pneumatic separator pump: ModelQBY-15 

5. Fluid inlet and outlet dimensions: 15

6. Flow rate: 8.0m³/hFluidwater

7. Pump material: Aluminium alloy

8. Separator material: PTFE

9 . Working pressure: 2-8Kgf/cm² 

10.  Filtration cavity is made up of 304 stainless steel welding, filtration area 200cm²

11. Four strong rods are installed inside the filter chamber