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Vacuum Standing Box

Vacuum Standing Box

This equipment uses the upper cavity to press on the bottom plate to form a closed cavity (the time can be set) without opening the cavity and at the same time the secondary air is drawn out to form -70KPa and stop for a period of time (the time can be set) at the same The action of vacuuming for the third time reaches the negative pressure state of -95KPa to remove the air in the cell; the second trapezoidal vacuuming method is to prevent a large amount of electrolyte from being pumped out, and at the same time, it can completely penetrate the electrolyte.
Technical Parameter:

1. Length: (80-200 with tabs), width: (50-150 with air bag),
2. Dimensions L x W x H≈550x440x750mm (maximum height after opening the cavity)
3. Cycle times: 0-3 times can be set
4. Pumping time: 0-60min can be set
5. Standing time: 0.1-99S can be set
6. Opening stroke: 250mm
7. Vacuum tube inner diameter: 25mm, vacuum: 63³/H (63 cubic meters/H)
8. The vacuum degree of the static box: ≤0.095Mpa (the vacuum is kept for 1 minute to ensure ≤0.090Mpa)

Basic parameter:
  Name specification
1 Chamber size 360L×280W×350H MM
2 Electric box size 300L×200W×400H MM
3 Rate of qualified products ≥99.5%
4 capacity Depends on the vacuum condition
(related to the customer's process)
5 weight 87KG
6 Failure rate of equipment
7 Equipment utilization rate 98%
8 Input power AC220V 50HZ
9 Input air source 0.6Mpa-0.8Mpa
10 Vacuum tube outer dia. Φ26MM
11 Air pipe dia. Φ8MM
12 Relative humidity 20~90%RH
13 Environment temperature 10~40℃
14 power 1.0KW