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Since 2003 year, Gelon teams have been focusing on the battery industry.

We have accumulated 17+ years on lithium battery materials production,battery production and equipment production. Gelon is the first exporter of lithium ion battery turn-key project in China.

With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can provide our customers not only the premium products, but also the most professional service and technical support.

Enterprising, Responsible,Honest,Promising; Exhibit our Brand and Value by real business stories, Persuit of Better self in order to provide Better products and Better services to our customers.

We dedicate ourselves to one mission: Along with our customers, pushing the lithium battery technology moving forward and Simplify Lithium Ion Battery Solution For Our Customers.

Professional knowledge

With our extensive experience and knowledge, we can provide our customers not only the premium products,but also the most professional service and technical support.

Hard working

We always dedicate ourselves to one mission:Along with our customers,we push the lithium battery technology moving forward; we are also improving everyday from hard working and freshing.

The best service

We always pay attention to the development trend of lithium industry at home and abroad,rationally integrate the best quality resources,use real cases to reflect our brand and value, and provide customers with the most cost-effective products and services.

Simplify Lithium ion Battery solution

Lithium ion Battery Solution Provider
Core team members
Mr Junping Li

Mr Junping Li

Mr. Li graduated from biology major, he researched and developed positive and negative materials of lithium battery in 1998, and successively established two lithium battery factories in China. In 2002, he actively responded to the national call to localize lithium battery assembly equipment, meanwhile, established a manufacturing plant of frontier lithium battery equipment and kept researching and developing slurry drawing, transfer, extrusion, diaphragm coating technology and equipment manufacturing all the time.
Mrs Ekain Zhang

Mrs Ekain Zhang

Graduated from Central South University and engaged in the field of secondary rechargeable batteries, Ekain has rich first-tier line experience in the research and development, production and quality testing of nickel-metal hydride, nickel-cadmium, and lithium-ion battery cathode materials. Since the establishment of GELON, Ekain has been deeply ploughing in the market promotion of GELON’s products and services . She participated in the design and development, project construction and project upgrading and transformation of all overseas projects of GELON .
Mr Xiaoshou Sun

Mr Xiaoshou Sun

Mr. Sun is professional in enterprise management. Since 2003, he has been committed to professional research on middle and back-end lithium battery equipment, especially the automatic assembly line of pouch cell. Mr. Sun founded Dongguan Mingyiyou Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. and Dongguan Global Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. as well. He is the president of Guangdong Lithium Industry Trade Association. He integrates Chinese high-quality manufacturer to provide global services.

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