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Battery Separator (18μm thick x 60mm W x 760m L)

Sample price: USD$3.5/m2
Product Details

Li-ion Battery Separator is a kind of micro-porous film, whose main matrix is polypropylene film. In the structure of the lithium battery, separator is one of the key components. The property of the separator determines interface structure, resistance of battery, directly influencing the capacitance, circulation, safety and other properties. It is manufactured by one-step or two-step stretching in hole craft and with ion pass-through function. The main function of the separator is to separate the positive and negative pole, in case of the short-circuiting due to the contact of the two poles.

Item Number: GN-LBS-0018-760


Thickness: 18μm

Materials: PE

Appearance: Ivory-white

Width: 60mm

Length: 760m

Gas permeability: 350-500 Sec/100ml

Porosity: 38%-44%

Puncturing Strength: >300g