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Pouch Cells Preparation

Ultrasonic welding machine for li-ion battery stacking ------GN-800

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Product Details

GN-800 is a ultrasonic metal welder designed for welding stacked electrode sheets (Copper & Aluminum) and tab onto current collectors to prepare Li-Ion pouch cells in R&D laboratories.This welder is suit for max.of 25layers electrodes welding.(If you need more layers welder,pls contact us)


Input Voltage

220V AC 50Hz

Max. Power Consumption


Welding Area

5.2mm(L) x 5.2mm(W)


Welding Head

.Two welding heads and three welding bases are included

for welding both aluminum & copper current collectors from 1 to 25 layers

.Two types of patterns for various uses:

Ultrasonic Frequency

30 - 40 kHz Adjustable frequency

Pneumatic Control

Air pressure at 85 psig (Air Compressor is not included)

Product Dimensions

· Controller: 365mm(L) x 485mm(W) x 200mm(H)

Welder: 300mm(L) x 460mm(W) x 275mm(H)


One Year limited warranty with lifetime support

Net Weight

61 kg (135 lbs)