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Cylinder Cells Preparation

Ultrasonic Spot Welding Machine For cylinder cell caps or cathode tabs--GN1000

more than ten years experience to offer lithium ion battery R&D equipments, battery Lab line  for 18650 cells,design different Lab/pilot/mass production line for customer.
Product Details

The main specification and performance

1) This ultrasonic spot welder is worked through solid phrase weld, and the weldments are

effected by high-mode vibration and the stress of all the work pieces.

2) Max output power: 1000VA
3)frequency: 25KHZ±10%
3) input voltage: 220V±10%
4) air supply: pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa,humidity less than 48%,high temperature not exceed 45℃.

5) control way: CPU

6) working stroke: 15mm

7) welding time: less than 1S

8) welding ability: cathode electrode 

9) Size: L×W×H(mm):  Welding Head: 420mm x180mm x290mm

Main Case: 480mm x365mm x202mm