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Pouch Cells Preparation

Gas Driven Die Cutter for Pouch Cell Cathode and Anode Electrodes Cutting

This die cutter is a gas driven die cutter for producing pouch battery cathode/anode electrodes
Product Details

Product Introduction

1.GN-S100P is a gas driven die cutter for producing pouch battery cathode/anode electrodeschange the different cutting molds to achieve different sizes of die cutting.

2. Double cylinder drive is adopted, Die cutting pressure and speed can be adjustable.

Technical Parameters:

1Maximum die size: L140mm × W110mm

2die cutting accuracy: ± 0.1mm

3die-cutting burr height: ≤ 0.02mm (can not pierce the diaphragm)

4power: 220VA frequency 50Hz / 60Hz, power 100W

5Outer Size: L300 mm×W200 mm×H340mm