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Li-ion Battery Pilot Equipment

Faster Roll to Roll Coating System ( 0. 5 ~ 5m/min ) with Drying Oven for Batter

This coater is a automatic and faster roll to roll  coating system for battery electrode with 0. 5 ~ 5m/min max.coating speed )  ,It is perfect for prototypes of new generation rechargeable batteries.
Product Details

Faster Roll to Roll Coating System ( 0. 5 ~ 5m/min ) with Drying Oven for Battery Electrode - DYG-135-500

It is integrated with the functions/ features of metallic foil roll unwinding (reeling out), slurry feeder, coating blade, baking oven, and final electrode winding (reeling in) together with touch screen operation for customer's utmost convenience.

coating width: 440mm , maximum width of roll coating 500mm ;

Coating Speed: 0. 5 ~ 5m/min

Discontinuous Coating gap:5—8000mm±1mm(adjustable) ;

Correction control precision: ±0.01mm

correcting precision: ±1mm

Oven length:2m/part*4part=8m

What important :we can adjust oven length according customer request .