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Cylinder Cells Preparation

Electric Hot Rolling Press / Calender GN-HRP-01

This equipment is mainly suitable for battery materials in the laboratory, adjustable electric rolling a small amount of gold and silver and other precious metals, copper and aluminum and other nonferrous materials, In a certain electric heat temperature rolling, rolling thickness is adjustable, easy to operate.Particularly suitable for clean energy materials lithium plate thinning and increased density.
Product Details
1. Desk-top model (kind portable) dimension can adjust with table 
2. Pressing force 5-10 Ton
3. Roller size 2-Φ96mm 
4. Cylindrical roller degree ≤±0.002mm 
5.Effective pressing width 100-250mm in width
6.Substrate Al/Cu foil
7.Electrode thickness 15-200micron
8.Roller controlled by applied force
9.Heating roll unit with max temp the max130 temp
10.Roller material heated-hardened steel with hard chromium electroplating
11. Effective gap  0-2mm (adjustable). 
12. Rotating speed 0~40mm/s
13. Power 800W
14. Roller smooth finish  above 0.8
15. Roller surface hardness HRC62