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Ceramic Coated Membrane (16μm thick x 60mm W x 500m L) as Separator of Li-Ion Ba

Sale price: USD$250/roll
Product Details

This monolayer polyethylene membrane (16um) is provided with double side ceramic (Alumina) coating. Such a coating not only increases the mechanical properties and thermal stability of the separator in battery operation, but more importantly, it prevents dendrite growth. It is designed to significantly improve the safety of large-format lithium-ion batteries used in electric vehicles and high-power applications.

Item Number: GN-LBC-0016-500


Total Thickness: 16μm±1.5μmm

Width: 60mm

Length: 500m

Net weight: ~1 lb

Appearance: Beige Film

Double Side Alumina Coating Thickness: 2um /each side

Polyethylene Membrane Thickness: 12um

Surface Density: 12g/m2

Puncture Strength: 620 grams